How Bareconnect keeps your website safe and secure

Website security is vital for every business. TXT(TEXT) records provide the first shield used to protect domain ownership. TXT records strengthen online security and prevent unauthorized access, establish credibility, and ensure the integrity of your valuable online assets.

Your website's name called the domain, is like a precious treasure in the world of the internet. It's what makes you stand out and represents your brand. But with all the online dangers lurking around, it's vital to shield your website and keep it safe. That's where TXT records come to the rescue! Wondering what a TXT record is? Let's read on...

What is a TXT Record:

TXT (Mentioned as TEXT) records are like powerful shields that establish your online credibility and verify your domain. This contributes to overall online security by preventing spoofing and phishing attempts. And guess what? Bareconnect uses these very shields to fortify your website

Bareconnect's TXT Record Security:

Bareconnect distinguishes itself by incorporating TXT record verification as a fundamental step during your website setup process. Bareconnect does this automatically when you purchase your website domain from us.

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How Do We do it?

Let's explore how this process works and the benefits it offers:

  • Domain Ownership Verification: After you purchase your domain, in a short amount of time, Bareconnect adds a unique TXT record to your domain's settings. By completing this step, your website is verified with your domain name giving you rightful ownership and authority.
  • Protection against Unauthorized Access: By implementing TXT record verification, Bareconnect adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to user domains. This mitigates the risk of malicious actors attempting to manipulate or hijack the domain, safeguarding sensitive information and critical website assets.
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Domain Transfers: Unauthorized domain transfers can be detrimental to businesses. Bareconnect addresses this concern by adding TXT records containing domain transfer authorization codes. This additional security measure ensures that only authorized individuals with access to the specific code can link the domain to their accounts preventing domain hijacking.

Protecting your domain is a constant priority as cyber threats continue to evolve. At Bareconnect, we embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly, implementing robust TXT record security during the domain setup. This exemplifies our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our users. By doing this, we avoid deterring unauthorized access, allowing you to confidently maintain a strong and resilient online presence. Trust in Bareconnect for a shield of security around your valuable domain.